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Social Media Policy

Lorval’s Privacy Policy and Social Media Policy applies to the use of social media by Lorval. Lorval may use social media to share news and engage clients, vendors and the general public as it relates to projects and properties owned and or managed by Lorval.

We update and monitor our website and any active social media accounts on weekdays during office hours, but we may monitor and respond at other times of the day. We read all @replies and Direct Messages sent to us and will respond at our sole discretion. Any communications that Lorval determines as bullying and harassment will not be responded to. Lorval reserves the right to have any or all social media accounts managed by third party communications staff on behalf of the company.

All media inquiries must be directed to



If Lorval chooses to utilize social media for business purposes, our goal is to keep you informed of the following:

  • news releases, speeches, and other publications issued by Lorval;
  • new projects or properties that we wish to share updates on with the general public
  • information about upcoming events related to Lorval projects or properties

We may also re-share news, links and content we think are relevant to our work at Lorval and of interest to our clients. Resharing of posts or information does not imply endorsement by Lorval.



If Lorval chooses to utilize social media platforms or accounts, we may follow or interact with accounts that are relevant to our work and our mandate. This could include the accounts of individuals as well as organizations, public and private, who comment on matters related to Lorval’s projects or industry. Our decision to follow a particular account does not imply an endorsement by Lorval or its representatives of any kind.


News & Media and LinkedIn

Our news & media and LinkedIn accounts are managed either directly or by communications staff on behalf of Lorval. We update and moderate this information on weekdays during standard office hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm). All inquiries for comment can be directed to

Lorval aims to keep you informed about current and upcoming projects and properties. This includes:

  • press releases or messages from Lorval representatives;
  • updates on current or upcoming projects or properties;
  • information about upcoming events.

We may also share topical content we think is relevant to our work and of interest to our followers. Sharing content does not imply endorsement by Lorval.


Requests for Information

If you wish to connect with us via the Site, third party website or social media platforms, you may be asked to provide us with the following information:

  • your name;
  • your email address;
  • your phone number;
  • your mailing address; and
  • a brief description of your inquiry

We collect your e-mail address and other personal contact information in the event we need to contact you about your inquiry. Your e-mail will not be made public or used for any other purpose. Access to the personal information you provide when you submit your inquiry is limited to the staff who maintain the Site or social media account, or to whom your inquiry is otherwise directed within Lorval.


Social Media Commenting

The personal information contained in social media, including submitted comments is contained on third party servers. It is not the responsibility of Lorval and does not fall under our Privacy Policy. For social media accounts, should your comment be approved for posting or appear automatically, your name will appear alongside your comment. To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses in the body of your comment. Comments may be moderated by Lorval or third-party communications staff. Communications that are considered bullying or harassment will be deleted and may not be responded to by Lorval.

We discourage the use of web links in comments because they present a risk of inappropriate or unwanted material, spam, and malware. We reserve the right to delete comments that fail to meet this community standard. Please note that comments made online do not necessarily represent the views of Lorval. Comments that are offensive, rude or abusive will not be posted or may be removed.


Complaints, Concerns or Inquiries

If you have questions about this social media policy, or have an inquiry or concern related to personal information you have submitted to Lorval through the Site or other means, you may contact the Lorval Privacy Officer by email at or by mail as below:

Attn: Privacy Officer

Lorval Developments Ltd.
9785 201 Street
Langley, BC V1M 3E7

For all questions or concerns not related to privacy, please reach out to us at